May the tree of our life be firmly rooted in the soil of love.
Let good deeds be the leaves on that tree.
May words of kindness form its flowers.
And may peace be its fruits.
- Amma


* Jiva [Sanskrit, pronounced j-ee -va] is the immortal essence of a living organism as human, animal, plant etc., which survives physical death.
* Jiva [Bulgarian] (my mother tongue ), жива , to be alive.
* Yoga [Sanskrit], connection, union.

Yoga is a living thing! The ancient yogis studied and practised it for thousands of years in order to reach a deeper understanding and to hand it over the generations. Today life demands us to incorporate this knowledge in our everyday existence.

Irina is inspiring her students to develop their own physical, mental and emotional awareness by showing them a way of letting go of the tension and stress. She believes that this awareness enables us to transform our lives into the ultimate meditation in action so we can experience a deeper sense of satisfaction, well being and appreciation.

Irina’s personal practise keeps her present. It broadens her acceptance of the changes happening inside and outside of her. She feels jiva (alive) in every moment! Her classes incorporate dynamic and relaxed flows. She is using the breath as a tension relief on a mental and physical level.

Classes are suitable for beginners and advanced students!

Classes - Hatha Yoga

One to One at £40 per 60min class.
Applied for up to 4 people per session.
You are welcome to invite your friends or family members to join us in a small class at a suitable for you day or time. The class can be tailored around your needs and ability. Beginners are welcome!

10am till 11am
Hatha flow for beginners plus
at 12 Eden Grove, London N7 8EQ
booking via https://mahadevicentre.com

10am till 11am
Morning flow
at Leyton Jubilee Park Seymour Road, London E10 7BL
booking via https://www.ourparks.org.uk

Irina Yordanova - BWY teacher

Irina trained gymnastics and acrobatics as a little girl. Later her inquisitiveness about the physical part of the human nature stepped back and gave a way to her interests in the psychological make up of the human being and the way we express our emotions and frustrations… So she became an actress after graduating the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria.

She travelled for few years and in 2003 (by a chance, if there is such a thing) Irina came to UK. For few years she had to do cleaning for living, due to the immigration laws… But this led her in 2005 to her first ever yoga class, (she did it only because she wanted to be fit and bring her confidence back again) oh well, she didn’t know what she was going into ...!

Yoga not only made her healthier and happier it actually made her feel and look younger too. It accelerated her awareness on a higher (or deeper) level of experiencing life and enjoying every moment of it!!! Yoga taught her to stay positive and focused through the ups and downs of life. Since then she spontaneously started sharing her experience with friends and family who encouraged her to teach. She started classes in her local area. She has completed and qualified her training with the British Wheel of Yoga under the tuition of Tarik Dervish.

Irina is Registered Exercise Professionals(REP)


Irina applies classical Hatha yoga asanas.

Her flow can be dynamic and /or relaxing, combined with the observing of the breath.

She synchronises the breath and the movement of the body in a flow (vinyasa) which interlinks the postures as a continuous movement and thus transforming the practice into a meditation in movement.

She believes that we can be healthier and stronger (physically, emotionally, mentally etc.) simply through our awareness of the present moment.

Her classes begin and end with a Sanskrit mantra and finish with relaxation using visualisation and the soothing sound of a Tibetan singing bowl.


Yoga workshop for beginners in Bulgaria, summer 2012 .

"How from a brat became a yoga teacher", my journey to yoga, being featured in the October issue of the Bulgarian magazine "Йога за всички/Yoga for all"


Indian Head massage - 30min. £25.00

Full Body Massage - 60min, £40.00

All massages are complied with Ayurvedic principles.

Please call in advance for booking!


www.bwy.org.uk - The British Wheel of Yoga
www.amma.org - Amma
www.yogawell.co.uk - Yoga Well
www.yogamad.com - Yoga Mad
www.fgf-online.co.uk - The Feel Good Factory


e-mail: yordanova1213@aol.com
mob: 0755 499 1726

blog: jiva-yoga.blogspot.co.uk